Jake was once a water polo Olympic Gold Medal.

Now he is an Escort. The lucky few women he selects as clients pay small fortunes for a weekend with Jake.

Natalia just graduated from culinary school in Buenos Aires. She works the ski season in Aspen. She needs the money.

The moment they meet a sudden attraction grips them.

It can’t be: She’s engaged. His heart is locked away.

A story about passion, deception and what lies hidden in the darkest corners of love.

Kings Of Midnight Book One of the Midnight Saga


Camila’s world is ballet. She fights against her mother’s legacy, striving to be recognized for her own talent at Buenos Aires’s most prestigious ballet company. 

Sebastián is a successful architect with insanely hot looks and a dark side: his last name is known as one of the most powerful and dangerous in Argentina. The Palacios family controls the docks, influential politicians, and an underground network of organized crime.


Camila and Sebastián live in opposite worlds until, one morning, a fallen ballet slipper brings them together. The attraction is instant, intense, overpowering; and Camila’s young heart can’t turn away.

Kings of Midnight is a standalone novel, and also Book One of The Midnight Saga. This contemporary romance is a compelling story that explores the world of ballet and the twisted ways of love, erotic passion, and obsession.

Ghost of Dawn - Book Two of the Midnight Saga


Julián is the head of the Argentinean Customs, and a worldwide recognized thief. 

Sabrina is a top attorney at a London firm with uncompromising morals.

He needs her.

She is falling for him.

But helping Julián can mean not only the end of Sabrina's career, but also her life.


A gripping love story that dives into the deep paths of corruption.

Redemption comes at a high price.