Sneak Peak of Kings of Midnight!

Sneak peak of my New Novel KINGS OF MIDNIGHT, coming soon!

"Dancing gracefully was an art I had been working on my whole life to make the world believe I was born with it. A perpetual quest to create an illusion of perf

ection. Sometimes I felt like a fraud. Like if I let my guard down even for a second, the entire world would see I didn’t truly have it. The pressure was constant and exhausting. But I had learned to accept that obsession with the ghost of perfection as any other living part of me. The only time it lifted was when I was on stage. Dancing was my escape from a world that demanded nothing less than utter excellence. When I danced I felt complete, a full person. And for a little while the world and I were connected.."

Camila, "Kings of Midnight," by J.Q. Anderson

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